Splat the Cat

StC cover

Written & Illustrated by: Rob Scotton

Published in 2008

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level: PreK-2

Summary: Splat is really nervous about his first day of Cat School,so after trying to find an excuse not to go he decides to sneak his pet mouse (Seymour) into school with him. At school Splat starts making friends and learning things, but when the other cats see his mouse they begin to chase him. In the end, Splat and Seymour help the class get milk out the of cupboard and manage to convince the students and the teacher that they don’t need to chase mice.

Angela’s Thoughts

StC read

Splat the Cat is a really cute book that talks about first day of school nerves. It has wonderful illustrations and a great message.

The book talks about a situation that all kids can relate to: being nervouse on the first day of school. This story shows that it’s okay to be nervous, and reinforces the idea that we are all “awesome.” I also liked the fact that Splat and Seymour taught not only the students, but the teacher as well that cats don’t need to chase mice. I believe it is important for students to realize that teachers make mistakes too, as it builds a safe community in which students feel more comfortable taking risks and making mistakes. This book would be a good starting point for a discussion on this topic.

The illustrations in this book are really interesting and eye-catching. They flow well with the story and are an important part of understanding what is happening. The fonts used in the book vary by size and color, and match well with the pictures.

One problem I had with the illustrations was the fact that some pages were just too busy. At certain points in the book (most notably when the cats were chasing Seymour) there were several different pictures thrown together onto the two facing pages. The placement of the pictures made things a bit confusing at first, as it was difficult to tell if the pictures were extended across the binding to the opposite page or not.

Another complaint I had was the back cover of the book. Rather than including a summary or reviews of Splat the Cat, there were reviews for Scotton’s other books.I hate it when publishers do this. I would rather there be just a picture and no text than there be reviews about other books.

Final Thoughts: I thought Splat the Cat was an excellent book. It’s perfect for a read aloud on the first day of school, especially in the lower grades. I would be interested in reading more of Scotton’s books, particularly those in the Splat series.

I give Splat the Cat five stars!


– – – – –

Oswin’s Thoughts

StC oswin

In Splat the Cat a cat is worried because it’s the first day of school. When he gets to the school he is excited to learn new things. As the day progresses the cat gets happier and happier. By the end of the book the cat loves Cat School.

StC drawing

The part I liked about the book was the pictures. They make me laugh. Throughout the whole story it tells you that the first day of school is not as bad as you think. I do think that younger kids would like this book. I think that younger kids would find the book amusing.

I give this book four stars because the book tells you something important.

4 stars pink


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