Birthday and Books

Well, today is my birthday, and also apparently a great day for books!!

First of all, there were a few garage sales around my neighborhood today, and I was lucky enough to find a bunch of children’s books! One of the garage sales was at the home of a retired teacher, so I also got a bunch of teaching stuff. I might have to go back tomorrow, as there was just so much to look through… I probably missed some stuff.


I found a couple Louis Sachar books (including one of the Wayside School books that I was planning on looking for this summer), a set of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books (which I don’t think I’ve read before but I remember one of the classes I subbed for was reading), a couple Caldecott books, and some other stuff. So yeah… good finds today! I’m especially excited to have found some good chapter books, as I would rather take those on vacation than a pile of picture books. I’ve got a 19 hour (one-way) trip coming up this summer, so I need some books to read and review!


So after walking around the neighborhood and buying books I come home to see that the book I’ve been waiting on for a couple weeks came in the mail! I ordered Math Curse from an independent seller on Amazon… I was a bit nervous about what condition it would be in (since I only paid $0.22 plus shipping) but it arrived and it’s perfect!! So excited to read it again! I first found this book a couple years ago during one of my internships when we had a “Math Day” in 4th grade (any and everything we did that day somehow related to math). I loved the book back then, and as I was setting up this blog I remembered it and looked it up on a whim. The price was great so I bought it… and now it’s here!!

So yeah, happy birthday to me! Yay for new books!!! Now I just need to find someplace to put them…


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