Space Case

Space Case cover

Written by: Edward Marshall

Illustrated by: James Marshall

Published in 1980

Genre: Picture Book, Science Fiction

Grade Level: K-3

Summary: In this book, a little space robot arrives on Earth to have a look around. It meets some friends trick-or-treating, and ends up going home with a little boy named Buddy. The next day it goes to school with Buddy, and ends up saving the day when he realizes he forgot to do his “space project.” The story ends with “the thing” leaving the planet with the suggestion that it may return for Christmas.

Angela’s Thoughts

Space Case read

I picked up this book because the cover and illustrations, while not a style I like, reminded me of the books I read when I was little. In fact, I think I might have read this book as a kid.

Sadly, I did not enjoy this book. The illustrations were somewhat interesting, but the colors were boring and sort of obnoxious. There was also a ton of white space on some pages, while others were better covered with text and pictures.

The story itself is the main reason I didn’t like the book. I felt confused about what age the book was meant for. At first I thought it was for Pre-K or Kindergarten students because there were only one or two lines on each page. Then suddenly the pages had huge blocks of text, and some of the words were too advanced for children that young. I also really didn’t like “the thing.” It was obnoxious and annoying. As soon as it found out that trick-or-treating only happens once a year, it was making excuses to leave. The only reason it might be back at Christmas was to get presents. This is sending the wrong type of message to children. The ending of the book also felt really abrupt, and left me feeling like I was missing something.

Final Thoughts: I really didn’t enjoy this book. Both the illustrations and the story were a bit obnoxious. While I do think some children would enjoy it, I would not personally recommend it.

I give Space Case one star.



–  –  –  –  –

Oswin’s Thoughts

Space Case Oswin

Summary: It’s Halloween and a robot comes from outer space. He looks around to see what is going on. He is still looking when he comes up to a cow and a chicken. He thinks they are “natives.” The robot finally finds trick-or-treaters. The kids thought that the robot was a costume, but he wasn’t. After trick-or-treating for awhile the robot was having a fine time. When they were finished trick-or-treating the robot went with one of the kids, Buddy. The robot was allowed to spend the night at Buddy’s house. He found a dictionary there so he was able to communicate better with Buddy. Buddy took the robot to school and used him as a science project. After school the robot wanted to go trick-or-treating again but Buddy explained that it was only once a year. The robot decided that he would leave, since there wouldn’t be another Halloween till next year. When Buddy heard the robot say that, he told the robot about Christmas. The robot said he would come back for Christmas.

Final Thoughts: I do not like anything about this book. It is too kiddy for me. There are not enough words. The pictures are not very good, they do not really help the story. I do think that the pictures distracted from the words, considering that there were barely any words in this book. I think a picture book with no words would be better than this book. I think younger kids would like this book. I think that grades 1 and 2 would like this book. That’s why this book deserves…

…two stars.

2 stars pink


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