The Frog Prince Continued

TFPC cover

Written by: Jon Scieszka

Illustrated by: Steve Johnson

Published in 1991

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level: K-4

Summary: We all know the story of the Frog Prince: he found a princess to kiss him, he became human, and they lived happily ever after… or did they? In The Frog Prince Continued we find the Prince and Princess experiencing some relationship issues. The Princess hates when the Prince behaves like a frog, and the Prince can’t stand the Princess’s nagging. One day, the Prince heads off into the woods to find a witch to turn him back into a frog. Along the way he finds a few witches from different fairy tales, but he eventually realizes that all he needs is his Princess to be happy.

Angela’s Thoughts

TFPC read

It’s another Jon Scieszka book! Unfortunately this book was not illustrated by Lane Smith, so it wasn’t quite as good in my opinion… Even so, it was a great book!

Once again, I love books that make fun of and change the traditional fairy tales, which is why I love Scieszka’s books so much. In this book Scieszka isn’t changing the fairy tale, just adding on to it. Of course the Frog Prince is going to act like a frog sometimes! It’s no surprise that the Princess is a bit whiny when things aren’t exactly the way she wants! Then there’s the ending! There’s a bit of a surprise and I won’t spoil it for you, but it was great!

On to the illustrations. There were a couple of things about them that I didn’t love. They weren’t by Lane Smith. Maybe I’m beating a dead horse here, but Jon Scieszka paired with Lane Smith is pure magic! Honestly, I think I’m judging the book a bit harshly because I wish it was illustrated by Smith. It’s a bit ridiculous, but at least I’m letting you know about my bias! Ignoring that fact, I felt like some of the illustrations were too dark for the content of the page. Yes, he is running through a dark forest looking for witches, but there were times when it just didn’t fit. I also didn’t like how dark the cover was. I didn’t realize that the cover showed a big book until I scanned the picture onto my computer. The book I read came from the library, so the plastic cover plus the darkness of the picture itself just didn’t look right. If this book hadn’t been by Scieszka I might never have picked it up.

On a positive note, the illustrations were really enjoyable once I got past the darkness. My favorite part of reading this book was studying the pictures to find the hints about which fairy tale each witch came from. I think I figured out two of them correctly before they were revealed.

Final Thoughts: On the whole, this was another great book by Jon Scieszka. While I wasn’t in love with some parts of it, I would really like to add this book to my collection.

I give The Frog Prince Continued four stars.




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