My next few reviews…

You might notice that the next few reviews I do are going to be a bit shorter and less involved. During my last trip to the library I had planned to just drop off my books and leave, but there was a perfect parking space (and it’s usually impossible to find good parking) so I decided to go in and just grab a couple books. I ended up leaving with my usual ten.

Right now my goal is to get through the remaining six books before I leave for Deaf Conference on Thursday. I don’t want to take library books with me just in case something happens, and they are due the day after we get back.

So I have three days. Or I would, except all of tomorrow will be spent going to a job interview, and most of Wednesday will be spent packing and baking and running errands… so really I need to get through most of them today.

That said, please forgive me if the next few reviews are not up to my normal standards.


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