Tuck Everlasting

TE cover

Written by: Natalie Babbitt

Published in 1975

Genre: Fantasy

Grade Level: 4-6

Summary: Winnie Foster lives a normal, boring life until one day she meets the Tucks, a family who can never die or grow old. After hearing their story and spending the night with them, Winnie forms a bond of friendship with the family. Trouble eventually comes along in the form of the man in the yellow suit, who wants to find the secret to the Tuck’s eternal life and sell it to the highest bidders.

Angela’s Thoughts

TE read

The first time I remember reading this book was during my Children’s Literature class in college, though I might have read it as a child. This was the first book of the semester for us, and it was the only specific children’s book that we were all required to read. (We were able to choose what other books we read during the class. I remember reading it and loving it then, and I still love it now. I had forgotten most of the plot (it’s been between four and six years since I last read it), but as I started reading it all came back to me.

Tuck Everlasting is truly a joy to read. From the characters to the major plot points, Natalie Babbitt has created a masterpiece. I thought the characters were really set up perfectly. Winnie is ten years old, and her thought process reflects that. She goes from scared to happy to confused in a matter of minutes: something that is perfectly understandable given that she had just been “kidnapped.” Angus Tuck (the father of the family) is old and tired of never being able to die. He is fascinated by the death of one of the characters (I won’t say who), and his whole personality speaks of someone who has seen too much. Jesse is stuck at seventeen years old, and so he is excited about being able to travel and see new things without the pressure faced by some of the other members of his family.

I also really loved the way Babbitt described all of the settings in the book. I really felt like I was there, and that I could see all the things she was describing. The way she tells the story completely captures the imagination, pulling you in until you’re fully immersed.

Final Thoughts: Tuck Everlasting is truly a fantastic book. It’s an enjoyable book for readers of all ages, and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already read it.

I give Tuck Everlasting five stars!



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Oswin’s Thoughts

TE oswin

Tuck Everlasting is a five star book.

5 stars pink

It had so many interesting things about the story. One of the many things I liked about it was that the Tuck family was immortal. Once you read it you will remember everything about it. I read it in school and it was amazing. My reading teacher made a great decision to read Tuck Everlasting. Now the ending is really sad you have to read it to feel how I felt when I read the ending. I strongly recommend that you read this book. This book has so many qualities. I loved the small romance that Winnie and Jesse had. You can tell that the Tucks were a caring and fun family to be with.


One thought on “Tuck Everlasting

  1. I can vividly remember when I read this book, curled up on my bed surrounded by my stuffed animals… falling absolutely in love with Tuck.
    Nice review!

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