There is a review coming… soon

Wow, I feel like I haven’t written anything in ages! I didn’t get as much reading and reviewing done on the trip as I had planned for a couple reasons.

First of all, I spent a majority of the trip acting as the navigator, and with all the car problems we had I was needed a lot. Second of all, I don’t seem to enjoy reading in the car as much as I used to. Not sure if this was because of all the bumps and movement, or if it was just because I was in a different position than normal (I usually have the whole back seat to myself), but I barely read in the car. So most of my reading was done in the hotel rooms when I had a few moments of peace.

IMG_2500Finally, I came back from Florida with a cold. Who does that?!? Me, apparently. So while I’ve had a book finished and ready to be reviewed for a few days, my mind has been too murky to get anything done. (On the bright side, Florida was beautiful!!!)

Oh, and I also had to go through all of my photos and videos and make edits and post to Facebook and tag people and stuff. So I’ve been busy with that. Plus filling out job applications since I didn’t get the job from a couple weeks ago.

All that said, I’m finally starting to feel better, and all my other stuff is finally done, so I should be posting a review sometime tomorrow. I want to get through at least another library run of books (usually about 10) before school starts up again.

So yeah. Review tomorrow (I hope) on There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom. It was an interesting read, so if my brain is working I should have quite a bit to say about it.



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