The Mighty Lalouche

TML coverWritten by: Matthew Olshan

Illustrated by: Sophie Blackall

Published in 2013

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level: PreK-2

Summary: Lalouche is a humble postman who is nimble, quick, and strong. One day the post office decides to buy a fleet of electric autocars, and Lalouche is left without a job. Afraid that he will lose his apartment, he takes a job as a sparring partner at a boxing club. Lalouche turns out to be an excellent boxer due to his nimble hands, fast legs, and strong arms.

Angela’s Thoughts

TML read

This was a great read! Everything about this book, from the storyline to the illustrations, was enjoyable and attention-grabbing. The author includes some historical references and pictures at the end of the book to give the reader some context, which turns this book into a learning opportunity. Readers can even learn a bit of French as they enjoy the book.

The illustrations in this book are really interesting. According to the copyright page, they were “…made with Chinese ink and watercolor on Arches hot press paper…” then they were “…cut out, arranged in layers, and photographed.” The effect is really interesting and enjoyable to look at.

The one complaint I have about this book is that in some parts of the story the text relies heavily on seeing the pictures to provide understanding. If I were to simply read the text aloud to someone without showing the pictures there would be some problems.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely loved this book! The story was great and the illustrations were a lot of fun. I can definitely see myself using this book in my classroom someday.


I give The Mighty Lalouche five stars!



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