Your Skeleton is Showing

YSiS coverWritten by: Kurt Cyrus

Illustrated by: Crab Scrambly

Published in 2013

Genre: Poetry, Picture Book

Grade Level: K-3

Summary: Your Skeleton is Showing is a book of poems based in a graveyard. The book begins with a young boy finding a ghost dog looking for it’s master. They journey through the graveyard, encountering poems about the various people who… reside there. From Freddie Diggs (who died from picking his nose), to Michael Gann (who was buried in a garbage can), to Bud Pugsley (whose cause of death was suffocation by hat), the poems in this book are sure to capture the attention of all who read them.

Angela’s Thoughts

YSiS read

I picked this book up from the “new” section at the library because it’s October… which means Halloween! I was delighted to see that this was a book of poems, and once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The journey of the boy and the ghost dog through the graveyard (which was told through the illustrations) was a lot of fun and added something special to the experience.

Each and every poem was so much fun to read, and the illustrations that accompanied them were just perfect. My favorite poem was probably about the death of Lem Tremolo: a death cause by public speaking. I figure that is probably the closest to me, as I hate public speaking (outside of teaching).

Final Thoughts: I absolutely adored this book! I’m so glad I picked it up. It is a really cute poetry book that I plan to purchase for myself and have available in my classroom library.


I give Your Skeleton is Showing five stars!



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