Monsters Love Underpants

MLU cover

Written by: Claire Freedman

Illustrated by: Ben Cort

Published in 2014

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level: PreSchool-1

Summary: Did you know that monsters love underpants? From pants filled with slime to pants decorated with jewels from a sunken pirate ship, the monsters in this book are proud to show off their underpants… At least until the sun comes up that is. After all, what kid would be afraid of a monster wearing silly underpants?!?

Angela’s Thoughts

MLU read

This was another book fair find originally published in Great Britain, which I assume is why the author uses the terms “underpants” and “pants” where I would use “underwear”. I will admit that it threw me off at first, but I got over it pretty quickly and ended up really enjoying this book.

I picked up this book because I loved the cover. Bright colors, fun illustrations, and a funny title all drew in me. The illustrations continued to be great throughout the book, and the text was funny and held my attention throughout the story.

This book would be perfect for lower elementary students, and I’m sure that if the teacher I worked with read this to her kindergarten class the students would love it. The illustrations are a lot of fun to look at and are full of silly little details. The text has a good rhythm and is sure to make kids giggle and laugh.

Final Thoughts: All around a fun book to read. A book that younger students will probably love, both as a read aloud by the teacher and an independent reading book.

I give Monsters Love Underpants five stars.



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