About Me

Welcome to the Fanciful World of Children’s Literature!


My name is Angela and I will be your guide throughout this exploration of children’s literature. 

So first of all a little bit about me. I am currently an educational sign language interpreter at the elementary level. I have my master’s degree in elementary education, but in my search for a teaching job I fell into interpreting and loved it. I started this blog to help me get organized with children’s literature in preparation for teaching, and as such most books I review will be geared towards children in the elementary grades.

Nail Soup ReadI’ve always loved to read and I have spent a significant amount of my life buried in stories, whether in books or online. As a little girl my parents and my grandmother would read to me constantly, and once I learned how I immediately started reading to them. I was one of those kids who went to the public library and walked out with 20 to 30 books at a time. Even when I got older and started reading YA fiction I still took anywhere from 5 to 15 books out at a time. Reading is an adventure, and it’s one that I have fully embraced throughout my life.

As of this moment, my plan for this blog is simply to review a variety of children’s books. I may add in activities for certain books that can be done in the classroom or at home. If I know of a great ASL retelling of a story I might include that too. I sometimes have guest reviewers, usually children or teens. They will be reviewing some of the books I read, and occasionally some books that I have not read.

I will point out that I have always preferred fantasy and science fiction stories, and that in general I tend to find historical and realistic fiction a bit boring. Not to say that I won’t be reading and reviewing those stories, because if anything I need to experience more of those genres as I am less familiar with them. But I just wanted to point that out, just in case my subconscious makes me review those stories a bit more harshly. It’s just something to take into consideration as you read this blog.

So, if you’ve stumbled across this blog I hope you find it interesting and helpful. Most of all, I hope that you can recognize the wondrous adventures that can be found in children’s literature and that you are willing to embark on some of those adventures with me.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to email me at FancifulWorldReviews@gmail.com

You can also follow me on Twitter to keep updated on what’s happening with this blog.

If you enjoy my writing style and want to read more from me, please check out my personal blog: The Misplaced Puzzle. I will be writing thoughts, rants, and everything in between on that blog.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am happy to have stumbled upon your blog, my favorite class in college was Children’s Literature. I work as a special education paraprofessional and let me say this, we can always use great substitute teachers! I hope soon you will have a class of your own, so good luck with your endeavors.

    I am so happy to be a follower of yours and am looking forward to your up and coming posts.

    Have a great day!

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