Fantasy Stories that include elements of magic and the supernatural. This is one of my favorite genres!

Graphic Novels – Stories told in comic book format.

Historical Fiction Stories based in the past, often with references to specific time periods or historical events.

Humor This genre will have some crossover with the others. Books in this genre are meant to be funny and bring children (and sometimes adults) to laughter.

Nonfiction Also called informational books, nonfiction books are written to help the reader learn about real things. This genre includes biographies and autobiographies.

Picture Book This is the category that will have the most crossover with other genres. Any books that include a large number of pictures will be included in this category. The stories may be told entirely in pictures, but most will include text of some sort.

Poetry This category will include reviews on both individual poems and poem anthologies.

Realistic Fiction Stories that take place in current times and are based on events that could happen in real life.

Science Fiction Stories that imagine possible futures, usually based on technological advances.

Traditional Literature Stories that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Books in this category contain stories based on oral and storytelling traditions. Stories include myths, legends, fairy tales, fables, and folktales.


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