Guest Reviewers

In the past I had some of my young friends read and review a book with me. I think it’s really valuable to have a kid’s perspective on a book along with an adult’s critical review. Unfortunately I don’t have any guest reviewers at the moment, but my previous guests are listed below along with the books they reviewed. If I get any new guest reviewers they will be listed as well. All of the kids who review books with me write under a pseudonym to protect their privacy.

I do not tell the kids what to write, and a lot of the time we don’t necessarily agree about the books. Oswin and I especially tend to disagree about how good or bad a book is. The kids are given a list of questions to think about as they read, then they are asked keep them in mind when writing their review. I only edit their reviews if the wording is a bit off and it needs to be cleared up to be understandable. If I’m not sure what they meant, I give them a call and ask them.

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Oswin is my cousin who was not a big fan of reading when I started this blog. She agreed to write reviews for me from time to time, mostly when the books were something she already had to read for school. Oswin loves music and Doctor Who (which is where her pseudonym came from). She also loves to draw, and some of her drawings were featured with her reviews.

Oswin eyes

Oswin’s Reviews:

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Amy is a teenager. She loves reading and writing stories, with her favorite genres being science fiction and fantasy. She also enjoys drawing, and some of her art pieces were included with her reviews. 

Amy eyes

Amy’s Reviews:


2 thoughts on “Guest Reviewers

    • Thanks! The kids are loving it, and it’s getting Oswin to read A LOT more than she would normally. Even if there are a lot of picture books it’s great to see her reading anything at all.

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