Zen Ghosts

ZG cover

Written & Illustrated by: Jon J Muth

Published in 2010

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level: 1-3

Summary: Zen Ghosts is a creative retelling of an old Chinese koan, which according to the author is a question that you have to answer for yourself. In this book, three children visit their friend Stillwater (a panda) after trick-or-treating to hear a ghost story. Stillwater is there, along with another panda who looks just like him and who tells them the story of Senjo. In the story, the main character’s soul is separated to live two lives, and is eventually rejoined into one person. At the end of the story, one of the pandas is gone, and the reader is left to decide what happened.

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Your Skeleton is Showing

YSiS coverWritten by: Kurt Cyrus

Illustrated by: Crab Scrambly

Published in 2013

Genre: Poetry, Picture Book

Grade Level: K-3

Summary: Your Skeleton is Showing is a book of poems based in a graveyard. The book begins with a young boy finding a ghost dog looking for it’s master. They journey through the graveyard, encountering poems about the various people who… reside there. From Freddie Diggs (who died from picking his nose), to Michael Gann (who was buried in a garbage can), to Bud Pugsley (whose cause of death was suffocation by hat), the poems in this book are sure to capture the attention of all who read them.

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